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I am a student at CTU with passion for art, sports and software development. I've been programming since I was 12. I have finished a few personal projects and I have a experience as a software developer.

Basic info

I am a very curious person, so I like learning new things and I do it very well and fastly. I love improving myself and the world around me.

  • Birthday: 14 July 2002
  • City: Prague, Czech Republic


  • Winning the SOČ competition in IT
  • Several YouthPasses from Erasmus+ youth exchange programmes

Courses I've accomplished


Here are my top skills in software developer, these languages and platforms are the ones I would consider as my primary with the usage of I am comfortable to develop.

Python 80%
Machine Learning - Tensorflow, Keras, Tesseract 80%
Web - PHP, Html, CSS, Js | CMS80%
Azure, ASP.NET 70%
C#, Java, C++ 60%
Testing - Selenium, Robot 40%


Here is a quick summary of my past and present, you can download my Resume file in the bottom of this section.


Ivan Anikin

Innovative and deadline-driven software developer with a year of experience developing software with a team


Secondary school

2014 - 2022

Gymnázium Jaroslava Heyrovského

Bachelor's degree

2022 - now

Czech Technical University

Professional Experience

Web Development

02.2020 - 02.2021

Vidifree s.r.o.

  • In this company I was responsible for developing and updating the administration part user settings
  • I developed mainly in PHP with usage of React and JS
  • Programming in Html and CSS wasn't rare on that position as well, because I had to develop a user friendly interface

Web Development

05.2021 - now

Fakulta Sociálních věd - Univerzita Karlova

  • PHP development using Nette, Latte, Nextras orm and other platforms
  • Database connections - SQL, Nextras...

Python and C development

07.2022 - now

ECOTEN urban comfort

  • Working with 3D simulations of airflow in Python and C
  • Development of API's for parsing satelite images

Download resume document:


Here I would like to introduce you a couple of my projects

  • All
  • Web
  • Machine Learning
  • Business
  • Robotics
  • 3D
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Art by Protsenko

Professional website for an artist.
Duration: 1 month

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I deleveloped a simple website and manage the business part of a photoshoots project.

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DJ School

Website for a school of DJing in Prague.
Duration: 1 month

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In this amazing team focusing on improving life of youth in our country I am responsible for IT technologies.

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Neural Networks in games

This project was focused on implementing neural networks in gaming environments, in particular in 2D arcade style games.
Duration: 5 months

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Machine Learning driven Autopilot Car

An Arduino based car with automatated self-driving system with neural networks on Python with Tensorflow.
Duration: 6 months

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during the beginning of the 2022 I focused on project focused on 3D scanning, animation, tokenisation and more.
Duration: over 4 months

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Spirala Store web store

Web store creation, including content, web, payments gateway, users CRM and mroe.
Duration: 1 month

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I deleveloped a simple website and manage the business part of a custom graphical design project.

Rezidence Hlubocepy

Development of a professional website.

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I developed a technological marketplace for digital assets and partially manage the business part of this project.

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Mama's Soap

Maintainance of the web.

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Maintainance of the web.

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In this section you can find my top professional and personal insterests.


I'm passionate about taking something beautiful and turning it into self-sustainable and beneficial business.


Robotics interested me since I was very little and still do very much. I'm a fan of robotisation usage in every industry and I would love to take part in it.

Machine Learning

The grate usage of machine learning nowadays is undeniable and I believe won't be reduced in the future as well. The math behind it inspires me and it's been several years, since I started to improve myself in this field


Any kind of art inspires me and gives great pleasure observing and creating. Music and painting have been making my life more beautiful for a pretty long time now.

Check out my art gallery page:

Mental and physical exercises

I take my mental and physical condition very seriously and keep them in shape actively and with pleasure.